CO2 Guilt. Origins of an Ideological and Political Saga

par Jean-Claude Pont, 30 avril 2021
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The episode I relate here is unfamiliar to most. Under- standably enough, the IPCC circles had little interest in its being publicized. Emblematic as it is, this episode reveals, first and foremost, the UN institution’s disregard for scientific truth. But there is more. The manipulations we see at work bring to light the deep seated ideological and political biases that govern the IPCC’s thinking.

The truthfulness of our assertions is unarguable since the author of these manipulations has admitted responsibility. Moreover, the new practice at work received an after the fact blessing from IPCC’s then President Rajendra Pachaur. We will go into all this in detail. Additionally, scrutinizing this episode will provide insights on the supposed “scientific consensus” flaunted by the official climate science community.

Climate change sceptics are accused of denying facts well-established by science:
 ■ The earth’s global temperature has increased by 0.8°C in 150 years.
■ Global warming is caused by human activities.

Climate sceptics do not dispute the modest global warming observed. However, they dispute the claim of an anthropogenic origin and, above all, the assertion that this is something well established and about which there is a consensus in the scientific community. To make it clear, let us refer to the IPCC’s Report which concludes that the weight of evidence suggests a perceptible human influence on global climate.

First, let us recall what the UN body thinks of the quality of its reports.

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